The Avant-Garde Patriot (docjen) wrote in free_faith,
The Avant-Garde Patriot

Just to keep some discussions & ideas flowing

Destiny? Fate? History repeating itself?

Does or does not divinity take a role in everyday life, or are we all sorta on our own and hope for the best with a dosing of karma?
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I think theres a universal plan and we can either see it and draw the lines or hide from it all our lives and live not to the extent that we should. I like to follow whatever god intends me to do, even when Ive got no idea what it is. Deffinatley belive in destiny and karma, but I dont know if we all have one set fate, I think we all have two ways our life can end but thousands of paths.
I agree :)
Now that I have time to write more - I believe that there are divinities/enlightened beings who help to guide us. However, we have choices as to whether we will follow their leadings, so there can be both freewill and destiny.

I think our destinies are adaptable - whenever we make a choice one way or another, a whole new set of possibilities opens up to us. The Spirit will work to guide us towards the healthy/healing/positive choices, but it's up to us to choose.
I don't know if I think every little thing is planned out, but I think that you're given lessons all through your life and if you handle them right, you'll learn and move on. If you don't learn them, then you'll be given another lesson until you learn it. Not in a punishing way or anything, but I think you're given lessons, just small ones to maybe, have more faith in yourself, listen to others more, things like that. And I think you're given these lessons and you don't really realise they're happening until you finish that particular one and the lessons are to better yourself. To make you be as strong as you can be and be the best person you can be.
I belive that history does repeat itself, and this is probably the 5th or 6th or maybe millionth time ive left this exact comment or one similar to it.

I know there is a plan, but I dont think we have no control over it, I think it all works out like it has before or something. Like on the matrix where the oracle says we are not here to make choices, they have already been made, we are just here to understand why we made them.