The Avant-Garde Patriot (docjen) wrote in free_faith,
The Avant-Garde Patriot

A true story of this evening. . .

I was sitting on a street corner of Asheville - with about 15 minutes until the show was to start.
I was staring into the window of the business next to me, looking at a buddha statue staring at its own reflection. While contemplating the differences between Siddharta Gautama and Jesus Christ's lives - I suddenly noticed something across the street. . .

I watched a bird of grace and beauty suddenly fall out of the sky.
The bird fell into a power line, and then tumbled through the branches of a tree.
I jumped up and ran across the street in an attempt to either catch or help the bird.
The bird was lay on the ground, suffering and stumbling.
I picked the bird up as it panicked in the last few moments of life.
I held the bird, feeling the warmth of the its life body.
The bird at my touch became very calm.
It leaned its head upon me, gasping for sweet breath with its beak -
The bird turned its resting head and its yellow eye stared up at me,
I stroked its back feathers gently and calmly & I looked into its yellow eye,
"Be at peace. Be at peace feathered friend." I said calmly - knowing I could not assist its death but I could be there to hold the bird when its moment came.
The bird closed its eye, & passed into the next realm.
I layed the bird under a tree -
And proceeded to sound-board op for The Syringa Tree.

One of the most amazing - somewhat beautiful, yet surreal experiences I have ever been a part of.
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