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I've mulled it over - and I've decided - that there will indeed be


Yes - I have mulled it over enough - there will indeed be

The magi of the three secret societies - The Rose-Croix, The Illuminati, and the FreeMasons - come together.  They discuss how kingdoms rise and fall, but without religion there is no ruling of humanity.  Religion allows boundaries to be set, understandings to be had, and keeps humanity in balance.  With hope - the rules of religion can once again make the tree of knowledge a tree of light.  God may have created man in his image, but religion makes god in mans.  So these three kings of ancient rites realize this, and know that someone will come to lead humanity into the next step of religion.  They practice their mysticism, an art now lost due and replaced with the trend of skepticism. 

They find this infant & its mother, and bless him. 

This story continues and covers the life of Jesus as he grows up.  How he comes to be a man, making mistakes and learning - experiencing all the trials of his current-day humanity.  How he came to his self and his understanding of enlightenment, grace, and the beauty within the virtue he finds.  How he hoped to teach others about humanity's responsibility to itself, and his eventual martyrdom. 


Jump to modern day - a young University student named Shaun Day goes to the local city park to play chess.  He meets an old African man named Theodore Zephyr Roosevelt.  They play a game of chess throughout their entire story, and get on the topic of religion. 

Zephyr discusses philosophies, theology, and how all of the world's religions share the same blanket of faith.  That humanity as a whole has a responsibility to love, to be graceful, to take care of each other and of the world.  He examines how Christians got the message of Jesus mixed up - deifying him rather then taking his life's lessons to heart.  Zephyr will explore religious studies from hinduism, to buddhism, taoism, early christianity and modern day christian sects, to judaism, native american sects, and different pagan beliefs as well.  Faith is internal, and knows no boarders.

Throughout this Shaun will be an apt pupil, realizing he learned more from this one game of chess then he has at any moment of his formal education. 


The two stories will parallel each other, jumping between the two from chapter to chapter.

I have no idea yet for a title - nor really how to end it as Shaun walks away from the chess table in the park.  I will start writing as soon as the GRE is done.

I think it has some merit to it.

Taking applications for editors and proof-readers.

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